Jim – thanks! I didn’t tr


Jim – thanks! I didn’t try that blow-for-blow in my first test run so I’ll give it a whirl. It’s a film, not an interview, but you’re correct as to what I want – blurry background with focus falling on the character closer to the camera. In that vein, I’m thinking I might want to further complicate things by switching focus – blurring the foreground and focusing on the character in the back about mid-way through the shot. I know it’s a pretty standard thing but with cheap gear standard is so high tech. πŸ˜‰

Spencer, thanks for the confirmation. I think the reflector might work particularly well in this shot, though it might not be practical for wider shots where more coverage is needed. In those cases I’ll definitely apply diffusion as you mentioned above. Couldn’t find any china balls on Ikea’s website – do they go under another name by chance?

My continued gratitude!

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