Jim, I gave it a quick att


Jim, I gave it a quick attempt during this mornings coffee. I was able to pull a little out of the shadows but as I was afraid, there just isn’t any detail in the footage that would enhance recognizable images of the people.

In brightening the footage you introduce and enhancement to the visual noise and then it becomes a battle of balance for that because anything you do to manage the noise would again effect any detail and when your looking for those small amounts of detail, they become lost in the noise reduction process. It also introduces some flickering and color issues.

I dropped the contrast a bit, adjusted color slightly and gave it just a touch of noise reduction after brightening but quickly reached a point where anything I did would just effect what I had just done. I’m sure I could get just a little more out of it but that would be with quite a bit of time invested and I don’t think it would be enough to actually do anything to bring out facial details so that you could recognize people.

I uploaded it to my youtube but its not public, you have to have the link to see it. This is a side by side so you can see the difference in what little I did.

</i>If anyone else would like to give it a go and can’t connect via FTP, shoot me a email in a pm and I’ll send the original file via yousendit.

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