Jesse, On the one hand, yo



On the one hand, you’re in the place where industry is most predominant so that’s an edge. Really, it’s all about you continuing to do the work and making connections in the industry where you are. The disadvantage you face is there are truckloads of experienced editors already trolling about for the limited gigs and there’s a tidal wave of fresh out of school grads and people looking to do what you do coming from other industries. It’s all going to boil down to you having current work to show, networking as best you can, going to expos and the like to meet and greet with others in the biz and teaming up with up and coming indie projects. The result will be your name and work being on people’s minds which when an opportunity presents itself, you’ll be ready to take advantage of it. That isn’t the traditional way of doing things (go to school, pound the pavement, get a job) because for now those days are over.

Main thing is to not lose heart if you truly want to stay and succeed in this industry. It’s nothing against you per se. It’s just the times we live in. The shark tank just got bigger to accommodate more people is all. You’ll just have to swim harder and perhaps longer to get out. So in the meantime, do what you gotta’ do to maintain and keep your skills sharp and your eyes peeled!

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