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You are quite correct with your assessment concerning the levels of industry NLE uses. However, Premiere and Vegas are starting to make their inroads. ‘Superman Returns’ offline edit was done with Premiere and the Discovery Channel’s ‘Survivorman’ is cut with Vegas (belive it or not Les Stroud switched from FCP.) Indy doc filmmaker’s are starting to use both to complete short and feature films and I have seen a growing number of narrative films at festivals cut with either. I believe both premiere and vegas are at the point FC was at vs Avid in 2002-03 when it came to what got cut on it. I’ve cut short form training films and a narrative short on Vegas and am working on an internet series with premiere. With the tech advances these days and how much less investment is needed, it’s much easier to cut and finish a production with excellent production values than say 5 years ago. As you know, it’s the online process where the ‘heavy lifting’ for finishing gets done. When both Adobe and Sony work out the online workflow for finishing we’ll see both programs cut deep into Avid’s and FCP’s market share.

To see examples of the narrative short go to:

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