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Yes, we always make copies in .avi and .mov. The prospect of having to make all the content available for mobile devices (though annoying) is a necessary step. Personally I’m not fond of trying to view webpages on my phone, but I do regularly look at content on it. So, the inevitability of it all moving to the ‘tiny screen’ can be seen in the coming winds.


Yes. However, there still has to be enough ‘difference’ between what you do in the parody and the original work. For example; there is a big difference between doing a parody and a ‘fan based’ work. Parodies are protected as they were originally used to criticize government rule which is why it’s generally seen as okay that comedians make fun of public figures but not public figures making fun of other public figures. Fan based works are ‘what if I wrote the story’ type of stories like the popular ‘Star Trek’,’Harry Potter’ or ‘Lord of the Rings’ ones. The only things different about those stories are who wrote them and the actors used. Both parodies and fan based works are legal, but you can only get compensation for a parody without violating copyright. For example: SNL does parodies and they get paid to do them. When the Wayans Bros. created ‘Scary Movie’ they totally parodied ‘Scream’ and other popular horror films and got paid for it. If those guy making the fan based Star Trek films take a dime from advertising or merchandising, despite the original writing they’ve done they will be in violation of copyright.

So, if you create your own material and copyright it the only permission you need is what you give. Now to be fair, this is totally off topic but the whole purpose of buying NLE gear, software, camera gear and asking bazillions of questions in these forums is to facilitate all of the stuff Jerron and I have mentioned.

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