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I never came to my mind about providing my content on phone and other media devices. I really don’t know if this will be entirely successful or not since not everyone in our audience have access to portable devices. In order to do this I will need to make a Cost and Benefit analysis and several surveys to see how many people have access to it and how they will like to see our content. And yes, we are going to make it accessible mostly WMV for PC users (since almost everyone use Windows OS) but also in quicktime for does very few people that have Mac.

A heavily flash based site may be a hindrance in a situation like yours.

You are right and in order to view Flash web pages at its best, the internet speed must be fast. This is what my brother had told me (he deals with web and graphics designs. I deal with video productions and editing) and he considers the internet velocity that our audience will have, which is base with the one we have, that really sucks (We cant wait to upgrade our internet speed). There will be a link in the page for the video productions and other links for the rest of the business. He knows how to use HTML and Flash, how should he build the video segment of the page considering the internet speed of our audience? And if its possible to use the Adobe programs for live internet feed?

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