Jen – if CF cards are too


Jen – if CF cards are too expensive and you need XLR inputs, I think you want a $1949 Canon XA10 or $2495 JVC HM150U. Both cameras feature dual SDHC/SDXC card slots and XLR inputs. The Canon records 24Mbps AVCHD, has 64GB of internal storage and has a CMOS sensor. The JVC records at 35Mbps straight to Quicktime and has 3 CCDs.

Either one of these cameras would intercut just fine with your 60D with color correction in post — either one of them will eliminate any DSLR moire problem — and the JVC’s CCD sensors will eliminate the CMOS jello/skew problem when you pan.

I would get the JVC, but if price is an issue, the XA10 is a great camera too.

I have a Panasonic TM900 – similar to the X900 recommended above. A great camera – for prosumers. For a camera you use to make a living, I strongly recommend the XA10 or the HM150.

Shot with the HM150:

Wedding short shot with the XA10:

Hope this is helpful. Good luck with your decision!


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