Jeff – one suggestion abou


Jeff – one suggestion about wedding shows etc. This has worked for me many times in the past for various business endeavors. I have gone to these shows as paid customer. I buy an entry ticket and walk the floors – I talk to everyone. Most times never mentioning who I am or what I do unless asked. However, every single person I talk to I give a business card and tell them if they have questions or concerns on how to proceed (with whatever it is photography, video, event planning etc) to give me a call – that I don’t bite and don’t charge to just chat. Normally, between 5%-10% of the people I speak with either call, email or drop a message on our website. Of that number we get some level of business from approximately 80-85% of the ones who contacted us. In fact, in the late 1980’s when I owned an electronics supply and assembly business – I did this at a trade show in Tampa and landed a deal that lasted 3 years and paid for 4 employees. So like I said you have to work at it, think out of the box (i.e. I cannot afford a booth at the show – how else can you get to the show and talk to attendees? Become an attendee. If you are short on cash – what are the things you can do that are inexpensive or free that will put you in contact with people? Offer a rewarding finders fee for referrals that actually book – there are so many creative things you can do – the key is you have to do them.) Connections- all types will be what drives your business. Become creative – what sets you apart from the rest? What makes people want to deal you instead of the competition? When you figure those two things out and capitalize on what sets you apart (what makes you better) you will have more work than you know what to do with.

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