jcschild Wrote:HI Brad, wi


jcschild Wrote:

HI Brad,
without the tricaster (which is a computer and switcher and software in 1)

i would at least look into a switcher. is the intended computer for this use powerful enough?

yes the gl will be fine



I have a brand new Macbook pro I was hoping to use with it. I have Final Cut Express that I would like to use. I have recorded some services with one camera and added cool titles and stuff with Livetype and edited it all in Final Cut Express.
2.16 Intel Core Duo
2 Gb Ram
External Firewire 800 500gb HD

What would you recommend as a good switcher? And do they make a less expensive one for just 2 cameras? Something under $800 would be great. I have tried to do a lot of research but there are so many opinions out there its hard to find what I need so I really appreciate your help Scott.


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