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As compusolver has already stated, there isn’t a month that goes by without someone like you asking this question. The posts listed prior to mine all make good sense and points but there is one thing that you have to keep in mind. The difference between "commercial use" and "private use".

Commercial use would be like if you did a photo montage of the community you live in and then you started selling it for cash down at the city hall for anyone who wanted one. There using copyrighted music (in my eyes anyway) would be considered illegal.

Private use is a little different animal. When a person (or couple) legally buys "their" music, they now have the right to play it anytime they want. It’s theirs! Now if they give you "their" music to include in "their" wedding video or "their" photo-montage to use, you could still interpret this as "their" music because they originally bought it. The only thing you did as a video producer was to provide the service of putting "their" music on "their" video. As long as they just view it with their friends and family, in my eyes they really won’t be in any trouble nor would you. The key as you may have noticed is that it is "their" music because they bought the right to listen to it and to own it. Now if they tried selling this for profit or you tried selling this for profit, then I would think you could be in violation of copyright laws.

Now is this hardcore fact? Well if you get busted and everyone goes to court, I’m thinking because this is such a gray area that the one who has the best lawyer will win. X-D

Honestly, I am not aware of any videographer getting dragged into court because of this either. Some say laws are laws but some of these laws are just to hard to police all the time. Shoot… on the way to work this morning I didn’t really stop completely at the stop sign. 😯 Nothing happened to me. The million dollar question with all of this copyright stuff is "what if" someone comes after me?

As far as playing stuff on the internet, I’m thinking that all you’re really doing is displaying to the world that you used copywrited music. If you want to do that, use royalty free music like birdcat suggested. Then you will have nothing to worry about. Putting stuff up on the web with copyrighted music is like filming yourself robbing a bank and they putting it up on the web to show everyone. X-D

This is my view on the matter.


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