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Glad to be of assistance. As for my comment ‘You’ll probably pay as much to outfit an XL2 kit…’ goes, I base that on my own purchase and rigging of our XL1s kit. I got the cam for the same reasons you’re eyeballing the XL2. I ended up doing a full pro-rig for it including; MA200 4-audio input and shoulder mount, FU-1000 monochrome viewfinder, 16xs, 16xm and 3x lenses, Nightvision lens and adapter, portable dual battery charger, 8 batteries, lens filters, Kata camerabag not including accessories like tripod, etc. 75% of that list was bought at the same time and it came out to just under $11k.

Now, you’re probably not going to ‘pro rig’ your initial choice as cam’s are so much further along, but if you get an XL2 some of that stuff will be essential if you’re serious. So my point is; if you’re going to have to hork up the money anyway, why not take the next step up front?

You mentioned the DSLR cameras and that is a really good idea. Though I’m using JVC’s GY200UB and am quite pleased with it, the MkII and the 7D are definitely in my co’s acquisition future. The only drawback for a wildlife shooter is the 12-minute rule with the Canon’s. I haven’t heard whether the 7D is also limited by that, but you’ll save a heap o’ cash not having to pay for 35mm adapters. The cheapest one you can get for the XL2 is the one Canon makes for use with their 35mm lenses. You could use that money to buy a mattebox kit from Redrock Micro or Zacuto. Plus the fact is, the MkII is a 5k camera! I don’t know what the 7D is rated at since the CMOS is smaller, but I’m sure it’s still 2k or better.

The money you’d spend on an XL2, you could get a DSLR kit and be at the cutting edge for a while. Something to think about.

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