Jason, I just purchased 2



I just purchased 2 FS100s onlinefrom CompUSA for $199 each. These are refurbished, but like new and I’ve never had any problems with them. They come with a 3-month warranty, but you can add 12 months for $29.99. Here’s the direct link:


The FS100 and the FS200 both have separate inputs for (mic) and(A/V out).On the FS200, you can switch (in the menu settings) the (A/V out) to (headphone out). You cannot switch to headphone out on the FS100. Check all the detailed pics on the above CompUSA page.

Believe it or not, I actually have the Azden SMX-10 mic and have been very happy with it. Like you said, you need to purchase a cold-shoe bracket to mount it to the camera – i get mine on ebay for less than $20.00.

A lav mic would be a little better for recording your voice talking, but the SMX-10 would be better for recording sound from your instruments. Maybe in the future you may want to look at recording your voice and the instrumentation separately,but for now, just the SMX-10 would serve your purposes well I believe.

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