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As you can probably tell from my screen name, I also videotape motorcycle races. My Pro racing # was 67J (1965-1968).

If you haven’t already found out, motorcycle racetracks are a hostile environment for camcorders.

If you don’t already have one, you should get a filter (uv is fine) for your lens to protect against “roosted” debris. One filter has already sacrificed itself for my lens.

In addition, I use blue paint masking tape to seal around the videotape access door and anything else that might let dust in, but doesn’t have to move. You can even cover most push buttons with the tape and they will still work. When you need to change video tape or at the end of the day, just rip off the masking tape. The blue masking tape leaves no residue unless you leave it on for a couple of weeks. Sometimes, however labels, especially those feature advertising stickers will come off with the blue tape.

Either of these tips can prevent big repair bills.

Happy taping and ride safe.


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