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Adobe Premeire Pro CS5 has advanced CC support. I haven’t worked with FCP but the guy who created Premiere also helped make FCP so as as Rob said they’re very similar. The diff is whether you get a mac or pc unit.

FCP does have a higher learning curve according to my FCP guru. If you work regularly with PC’s then there’s the whole learning to work with a mac thing to deal with. Mac’s and PC’s have some night and day differences that can be aggravating when trying to learn to use on a deadline.

If you get premiere (particularly in the production bundle) you can have it for mac or pc and the files can be transfered to either platform (very helpful when working crossplatform!) The bundle is a little bit more expensive than FCP, but you get many of the tools you were going to need anyway (phoshop, afx, flash, etc.)

The main advantage FCP has is the ProRes color grading. People tend to confuse color grading with color correction. Color Correction is the process of creating color continuity whereas color grading is the process of enhancing the color or ‘finishing’ the final product. Even Sony Vegas has some great filters that can be used for both color correction and color grading. Oh and Vegas is really easy to learn but similar to FCP, it’s for PC only.

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