@janaj22 – My interviewee had

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@janaj22 – My interviewee had written some notes down in Word (visible to him on his computer screen) and others by hand (on his desk) – so you catch him glancing at both sets from time to time. There was no "script" for this section. He knew exactly what he wanted to say during a meeting, not an hour before we shot this.


As for remembering what to script – it was on this very job that I started recording pre-production meetings with my H4n … just set it on the table and let it run. For this particular piece, Tim – the interviewee, started rambing off the four main points of the video, each with vivid detail. So we took the recording and played it back – that's when he jotted down notes in Word and on a notepad. I haven't found the perfect way to get an interviewee to remember what he said so fluidly and naturally before the camera was turned on, but recording them pre-production when the ideas are flowing seemed to help. The camera, as we know, is a game changer for most normal people.  If you watch the finished production you'll see that I made of point of cutting to him at the start of each of the main four points. I decided to do this while shooting, so I had to make sure I had him looking in the vacinity of the camera during those four key moments at least once (each) during the shoot. That's one reason why I had him do the interview four times – so I was assured to get him looking towards the camera on those four occasions.


Thanks for the kind words 🙂

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