Jamie, bravo on your first


Jamie, bravo on your first attempt! I’ve seen other music videos from established people that I didn’t like watching as much as yours. I agree with Grinner about the text but I found the lyrics enjoyable to hear. Maybe on the text, just use one word out of a phrase instead of the whole phrase. ‘Oh now Jesus’ – just show Jesus, ‘I feel your light’- just use light, etc. But a little of this could go a long way. I also suggest that more visual interest could be generated by cuts to other scenes or scenes with effects to demonstate the lyrics. ‘Loneliness’- show yourself from a distance in the middle of a field. ‘Light’- you with backlight or other light effect. ‘Sinner’- show yourselfentering atavern, etc. ‘Soaring’- you appear to use green screen just increase the appearance of motion with a fan blowing on you. As with any effects you can certainly overdo it, there is a fine line between just enough and too much. Keep shooting.

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