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No worries mate. However, Vid and ‘Cat have brought up some notable points about the type of camera your purchase limitations will get you. Another thing is; you don’t have to have HD for your project to look good. A solid 3CCD chip camera in standard Definition DV will do just fine. Any used Canon from the XL or Gl series, Sony, Panasonic or JVC video camcorder will produce excellent picture quality. Since you plan on going straight to DVD anyway, then that eliminates the step of converting the video from HD to SD. You can use whatever profits you make to upgrade your gear later.

You can purchase used or refurbed camera gear from B&H Photo-Video, Adorama and many other reputable outlets online. I recommend those before going to E-bay or Craigslist as you get a better return policy if the gear’s worse than expected.

Lastly, again I must stress that there’s a lot more to this than just the camera. You’ll need camera support accessories like batteries, recording media, audio gear, tripods, camera bags, lens filters, cleaning kits, headphones, lighting, background materials and the means to pack all that stuff up and transport it from place to place. All that comes before you work your way through the maze of choices for editing platforms, editing software, hardware and support gear. My suggestion for you is a combo of Options 1 and 2.

Eventually, you’re going to need an extra set of hands to help get the work done. Video Production is a fully collaborative industry, so you don’t necessarily have to go it alone.

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