James, buying new at below


James, buying new at below $500 severly limits the field, especially if you want the ability to shoot HD. This price range contains only mid-low level consumer grade camcorders. By going into the used market you can up your features and quality. Stick with top level brands and get others’ input about any used model that you consider. I use Sony HDR-Sr11( have 2, bought second after experience with first). This is no longer available new but can be had used for around your price range. It has a 1/3″ imager, shoots HD, mic input, has available wide angle add on lens( Sony HQ used for reasonalble price) and has other features that would be hard to find in this price range. Ebay, craigslist or going to a site like BHphoto which has used stuff without the question about who you are buying from. Hope this helps.

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