Jaimie, Thanks for the opi



Thanks for the opinion on profiles. I just received my 2nd Z5U 2 days ago (and completely forgot I was looking at the NX5U as I personally stated in this thread, kind of wish I went with it now, but I know the Z5U and am comfortable with it.).

Honestly I have not shot a wedding without PP6. But I know what you are getting at. I do have a close watch on my gain – my high setting on the manual is topped out at 12db, and I always make sure I use that in a darker room so it does not get out of control. I mainly like the profile because the blacks look so much more crisp. I do shoot in 30p with it, and shutter at 30 when needed.

Since I have never shot at anything other than PP6 – maybe it is time for me to break away from that dirty habiton my next wedding and go straight default 60i.

As for Red Giant, I am having issues installing it correctly for Vegas Pro 9.0 (I had a thread for this as well). I used it all the time as a free addon pack in Pinnacle Studio, and since I have been using Vegas I would really like to use it over there. Right now if I want a looks effect, I am stuck rendering my sections in uncompressed AVI to be fully compatible with the 2 NLE’s (any other format crashes the opposite NLE). This is a huge space waster at about 10GB per minute of video, and needless renders to move from one NLE to the other and then back again.

I have installed and reinstalled it many times and it never shows up in the vegas plugins. I have a feeling I wasted $400 on this software. Any ideas there?

Thanks in advance,


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