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I got into the business through a combination of marketing strategies that included a direct-mail postcard, direct-mail letter with attached price list and support information, also a one-page instruction sheet on putting together a memorial montage. I also put together a nice folder using those folders with sleeves and business card insert slots. I placed a sample DVD, sample brochure (half-fold 8 1/2×11 to make a 4-page brochure) the info sheet on memorial montage preparation, and a cover letter.

I will usually promise to call and follow up in five working days from the date I mail any of the above. I DO make that call and ask for the name of the vice president in charge of family counselors, and for that person, and I almost ALWAYS get an appointment – with all but the most harried of them anyway. Some simply think they are way too important to take the time – fine with me.

Another thing I’ve done is have friends call funeral homes, mortuaries and cemeteries, even churches asking for names of the “family counselors” etc. This way I am able to take those resources and send info packs, direct-mail pieces, etc. to the actual SOURCE.

I’ve set up show-and-tells where I come and bring breakfast (usually rolls, croissants and/or fruit with coffee, juice and hot tea) presentation packets with sample DVD, and usually set up to project an actual memorial montage production. I show a snippet of a funeral and also a military honors event.

Many places do have owners (large corporations) and that can take a bit of extra selling. Some have these “push-button” software packages they are often given by some company or another. Many and most of them cannot touch the quality of work you and I can do, the packaging we can create or even the turnaround we promise.

I guarantee my funeral home clients that I WILL turn around any memorial montage within 24 hours of receipt of all materials. I tell them I prefer more time, and usually always get more time, but when tested I’ve been there for them in a big way. This goes a long way. Once you get the trust of the family counselors they will do ALL the selling and all you have to do is deliver, produce, show up, etc.

I provide basic services for outstanding prices, low enough that most establishments are able to tag on a percentage, keep some for themselves and still give a few dollars to the family counselors to reward them for their time and efforts.

(more information regarding the actual business of funeral/memorial/projection video can be found at my blog)

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