Jackal Wrote:They just upg


Jackal Wrote:

They just upgarded from all the “.5” to “2.0”. Now, it’ll cost me about $700 to upgrade. If I had only waited… :'(

This is one of my points! Let’s say a guy had PP version 1.0. Last year he went up to 1.5 for I think it was $199.00. Now version 2.0 comes out so now he has to come up with another $199.00. Sure you get what you pay for and I realize that but what if some little guy just used PP and nothing else. As you said Adobes game plan with this upgrade was total integration but how is this going to help a guy who has nothing else to integrate with? Other than that like someone quoted earlier, what will this individual be able to do now that he couldn’t do before and does it merit another $199.00?

IMO: This latest upgrade seems to be aimed more towards the power users than the little user <BUT> Adobe is actually very smart too in what their doing from a marketing point of view. They are trying to get you to use all of their app tools instead of the competitors by creating this seamless integrated environment. In other words they are capturing all of the customers (old and new) attention with this integration theme along with their money. Thats why people should invest in their company like me. πŸ˜‰

You guys are great and I love this forum. Somehow talking to my wife about this stuff doesnt get a very strong reaction. X-D


p.s I’ll probably upgrade too even though I hate paying for the third time for something I already had. I just like starting fires!

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