Jackal Wrote:Ok. But rend


Jackal Wrote:

Ok. But rendering to the same drives that the raw footage is on? It was my understanding that it could slow down the process as it is reading and writing to the same drive, probably not a whole lot though.

Keep in mind that you’re dealing with drives that have a much faster access time so that would help offset the amount of time it would take for your drives to do its double duty compared to non-RAID or ATA drives. I’m sure Adobe was talking about plain ATA or Ultra ATA drives at the time because they are slower so that’s why they suggested using a seperate scratch drive for rendering.

You are correct however. The ultimate setup would be a RAID-0 to capture the RAW footage and then render to another drive. If your main system drive (C:) was big enough, you could probably use that. Another drive would be the real way to go though.

But most of what I’m reading says that you don’t really need to have a RAID-0 configs if you’re just dealing with DV. HD is a different story. There I guess you have to use RAID configs.

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