Jackal Wrote:But what abou


Jackal Wrote:

But what about using 2 SATA drives independantly? One for capturing and the other for final renders? That’s what I’d like to do anyway.

IMO since you won’t be capturing and rendering at the same time, that would be a waste of seperate drives. If you combine them using RAID, they will both be used simultaneously during capture and rendering (and editing). Basically with a RAID-0, the data is written and retrieved from both drives in an alternating fashion. Lets say I wrote you a message like this:

V-D-O-M-K-R-M-G-Z-N- -U-E-

-I-E- -A-E- -A-A-I-E-R-L-S

If you had a translator that could read both lines simultaneously you would get:


But since each drive can read and write at the same time, they can work twice as fast. Essentially giving you 14400 RPMs. If you use one drive for capture and one for render, you will only be using 1 drive at a time giving you only 7200RPMs. Make since?

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