Jack of All Trades, Master


Jack of All Trades, Master of None. That describes me to a “T” or whatever the phrase is (see, i’m not a master of English, just knowa little). I’m not all that great at anything, but I know enough to be dangerous. I just know the basic ideas of most multimedia functions and mess around til I get it right.

“Part of the problem with the democratization of technology is that the level of experience and skill to be considered a professional seems to have declined.” -jerronsmith

That’s so true! The other problem is that the good ones aren’t appreciated so much because of youtube, etc.

“But video pros…are essentially the***** and whipping boy for somebody who can’t tell good work from bad work.” – BarefootMedia

I don’t agree with the language, but this is also EXTREMELY true and ruins my life at work. My boss thinks he knows more because he’s older, owns the cameras, got frustrated at Pinnacle Studio and bought Sony Vegas. He can’t tell whether I’ve just changed a few things on a project, or spent a whole week redoing the audio because the speaker’s voice dynamics were all over the place. He doesn’t care either.

If your boss can’t tell whether you’ve tweaked a few things or spent the week redoing……He doesn’t care either…

I’m a strong believer that if one can’t tell the difference between escargot, and snot, one should never order the escargot.

I’d suggest you spend your time learning the business end of things, saving seed money, building clientelle, & tell your boss you spent all week tweeking audio. Soon you’ll be the guy who owns the cameras….

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