Jack and Earl, THANK you b


Jack and Earl,

THANK you both! Each of your answers is extremely helpful. Jack, I should say that the production will involve before and after interviews with young people, teenagers, so no script — ahead of time — will be needed. But however many hours of interview are recorded will have to be watched through again by the client to determine which parts are wanted.

As for red flags, hmm, I know what you mean. It gets worse when I say that this is a friend asking for this, to put in a grant proposal. So it is not a sure thing by any means, but it does give me an interesting experience — and her request got me to sign up for this forum which I’m glad I did!

Finally, although I said twenty-five years, my experience is really spotty, mostly on consumer grade equipment.

Earl, I don’t know what “fee enabled” is. I thought charging less for editing made sensebecausethere is less equipment involved but what you said makes sense.

Thanks again — I will keep you posted! And since I am working on another project as I write, I am sure I will be posting other questions.

CU in cyberspace!


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