Jabelone – I think you’ve


Jabelone – I think you've made a good choice, and $625 for the G6 with the 14-42 kit lens at DDP is a very good price.


You'll need a faster lens, so I would add the $192 Sigma 19mm f2.8: http://www.d-d-photographics.com.au/products/Sigma-19mm-f%7B47%7D2.8-EX-DN-Lens-for-Olympus%7B47%7D-Panasonic-Micro-4%7B47%7D3-Camera.html


Sadly, they don't have the 30mm version of this lens, but you can pick one up for $100 on eBay.com.au: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Sigma-30mm-f-2-8-EX-DN-Lens-for-Micro-4-3-cameras-/300998680799?clk_rvr_id=536336951420


That would be a nice little kit for less than $1000.


Hope this is helpful,



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