I’ve watched both MPEG-2 a


I’ve watched both MPEG-2 and AVI versions of DVD videos I have burned, and they play smoothly off a hard disk. However, in just about all of my DVD videos I burn, certain points have “glitches” where the picture either gets blurry or motion stops/skips for a half-second or so. (Doesn’t often, perhaps 4-5 times per hour.) Because the videos play fine off the computer’s hard drive, I assume the error’s created during the DVD-writing process. What’s most likely to be causing this? Not enough RAM? (I’m at the system max. of 512MB.) Data rate too high for the burner to keep up? (I typically encode MPEG-2 files at 6,000 Kbps because I want to maintain a good image.) The problem occurs with DVDs burned at 1X on both brand-name and generic media.

Thanks in advance for whatever advice you can offer. I know I should use a faster computer (currently 866 MHz Pentium III, 512MB RAM, 133 MHz FSB system), but I also want a new VX2000/2100 camcorder, and — funds being what they are — I can’t afford to pay for both a new camcorder and computer at the same time.

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