I’ve used two free softwar


I’ve used two free software, Windows Movie Maker and Avid FreeDV.

FreeDV was discontinued, but I found a copy on an obscure website with the help of someone in these forums. It works except you can’t play/scrub the timeline and see what you’ve done. That seems to me to be a major problem. I’m trying to fix it and I’ll let you know what happens.

Movie Maker is awesome except there’s only one audio track(two, if you count the audio that is in your video clips on the video track). Also, it sucks the quality out of your video. You put good video in and get bad video out.

BUT, if you know nothing, thenMovie Maker works great. I used version 1, which had no graphics track or even any way to maketitles/credits for my 2nd and3rd films. I hadto shoot pieces of paper with the credits written on and edit it into the movie like a videoclip, which is what it was. I’m amazed I even went through with it! LOL Fortunately, version 2 has a graphics track.

On the audio side though, there is Audacity which is awesome. I would say if you need to, edit all your audio tracks in Audacity, render them as one track and put it on the audio track in Movie Maker. Audacity is free (google it). Then there’s only the problem of bad video quality in Movie Maker.

Try out the other software on Aspyriders link and let me know what they’re like!

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