I’ve used the GL2 and the


I’ve used the GL2 and the XL1 (a pair) for a long, long time. XLs have given me more grief than the GL. On rare occasion, when I’ve had to intermix tape brands, or occasionally in a windy, sandy, salt air and sea, snow going in and out of the cold, I’ve had some issues, but they’ve been predominantly environmentally generated, or from mixing tape brands/stock. Major heat and hot winds, during firestorms – like are experienced in the southern California area, can cause some grief, but the camera is stable, dependable and productive.

I had “issues” with the defunct Amiga Toaster/Flyer, others didn’t; Others have had “issues” with Panasonic, or Sony, or TDK, or other tape stocks – I did until I went, and stuck, with Sony Premium. Some people hate Memorex or TDK DVD blanks, I haven’t. Poop happens, but I’ll NOT be selling or off-loading my Canons even when I DO change brands and go with the Panasonic HMC-150 or JVC’s 100 version both abandoning tape and offering SDHC card recording instead – no more tape path wear, or “remove cassette” problems.

If Canon comes out with a comparably priced SDHC only, no tape, recordable unit at a competitive price before I am ready to invest in the new tools I will stay with Canon simply because of their superior lens quality and superior image stabilization quality.

YOU have to make the decision. Read widely enough and go far enough and you will read negative input about most ANY brand or model on the market since the 1800’s (a joke) – some people LOVE liver, others HATE it; same for anchovies.

Me? Hold the liver, but put that gravy on my potatoes; no anchovies on the pizza or I will NEVER come back to RoundTable πŸ™‚

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