I’ve used pro format 3ccd


I’ve used pro format 3ccd (and 3 tube cameras before that) for a very long time, and for what I do, despite having a DSLR, it gets used for stills only. Nothing wrong with the image quality, which is very high and does look nice, but the plus points to a shoulder mount pro camera are many. I’ve moved from camera to camera over the years, and the majority have the same buttons in the same places, and my zoom demands from 20 years ago are still working, the base plate design has remained the same so I can attach the camera to 4 different heads and legs plus a heavy duty jib. They balance nicely when you use the on the shoulder, they have excellent depth of field. The images look like television. DSLR looks different. The two are just different. I like broadcast, others don’t. I don’t really see any advantage pin having the prism and 3CCDs – I just see quality in the images. 3 chip cameras at all quality sizes from SD to HD just have that particular ‘look’. You can indeed get some mega deals by buying these things when a year or two old – that’s what I always do.

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