I’ve used Pinnacle for a f


I’ve used Pinnacle for a few years now and have been using Studio 12 Ultimate with Windows Vista 64bit. There were times that I could have thrown the software out the window in the beginning and there really was no rhyme or reason for why it started working after almost a week and a half of trying EVERYTHING to get it working. I think prayer was the only thing that did work.

With that said, it’s easy to learn and use but will drive you up a wall with all of it’s neurotic behavior. No offense ladies but it reminds me of a VERY high maintenance woman that is never satisfied and will do just what she wants when she wants.:) She’s just not worth all the trouble. (Ladies, you can insert ‘self-centered, lazy man’ and you begin to get the picture:))

I’m now looking for a GOOD program to handle AVI files so that I can walk away from Pinnacle. If they had better support and real world answers I’d probably stay.

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