I’ve used both Vegas and A


I’ve used both Vegas and Abobe and I like Adobe better but that’s only because it’s easier to me.
In the end go with the one you like best.

Adobe Elements 3 [which I use as a backup to CS3] will allow you to render flv files.
They now have Elements 4 so I’m going to guess that you can do flv files with 4 as well.

I’ve worked with 1gig of ram all the way up to 4gigs. 1gig is good and unless you are working with HD or HDV then you would do well with 2gigs. I’d say 1gig is good but more never hurt.
I think people should look more at their graphics card and memory. Again more is better but 256 of graphic memory is good unless you are working with HD.
Hard drive space can become an issue so go with as much hard drive space as you can.
More is better…..

Based on what you wrote, I don’t think you’ll need a mega-computer however.

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