I’ve used both and I truly


I've used both and I truly don't have much of a preference either way.  I tend to use alot of resources running After Effects and Premiere, so I have had the enjoyment of crashing those programs on both a mac and a windows machines!


I think macs have some of the best monitors I have seen, but they can be a bit pricey.  If you are editing on a portable, you may want to consider having a docking station with an additional monitor.  Editing with 2 monitors when you can saves so much time and really gives you a bigger area to see everything at a glance.


So, my advice is to get whichever makes you feel more comfortable, but don't get swayed by people who state that you must run a mac to do decent video editing.  It simply isn't true.  But, if you prefer final cut, or the apple interface/hardware support, that might be a good direction to go.

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