I’ve used both and even th


I’ve used both and even though Pinnacle does some amazing things, I find it very awkward to use, espescially after using a real slick and professional program like vegas Pro. IMHO, stick with Vegas Pro. It’s all the little things that make Vegas a gem, like unlimiterdaudio/video tracks that are scaleable. I find it very frustrating to rubber-band audio levels on Pinnacle’s tiny audio track. Vegas easily spreads out over several monitors, and has Pro scopes like waveform and vectorscope, also Vegas does not require a dedicated graphics card for rendering -as long a you’ve got a fast CPU it moves along very nicely. Don’t get me wrong, Pinnacle is great for the casual user/hobbyist (we’ve even used it as a news field editor at the TV Station I work for)but I think it just can’t compete with the speed and ease of use that Vegas Pro offers.

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