I’ve tried most of the sub


I’ve tried most of the sub-$200 wireless setups out there including the one you mentioned as well as Sony’s, the Pro88W from Audio Technica and a Nady system. In my experience, all VHF systems are asking for trouble. Sometimes they work OK, other times they’ll make you say every bad word you can think of. I think mostly it just depends on your location. I’ve used them in gymnasiums at 150ft. with no problems, then the next night at another location I get constant horrific static that makes the audio completely unusable. Sometimes, even at less than 10ft., the static is terrible. If you do go this route, ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS monitor your audio with headphones and test your location before your shoot to see how it sounds.

I’m personally saving up for a decent UHF diversity system – until then I purchased a Zoom H2 audio recorder – I can plug a lav mic into it and record great audio independent of my video, then sync it up in post.

Good luck!

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