I’ve spent most of the mor


I’ve spent most of the morning in front of my big screen TV playing Palladia channel in the background trying different things.

I conclude:

If your talent is about 8 feet from the camera, with soft flourescent white umbrella lightingusing the TV as background — not so good.

If you want strong closeups like on CNN news and such I guess it might work. I used 3 point light arrangement. Then of course the closeups show every mole, pimple, blemish and hair on your talent’s face in HD. I didn’t try in SD, but I don’t think it would have improved things well enough for good success.

A while back I made a posting inquiring about makeup kits to work with talent for good skin tone and quality faces. Close ups of ordinary people facesare going to look like “#*@ unless you doctor them up with makeup, put silk screen over the lens or something. HD renders beautifully, but I’m not sure it’s abest go for shooting ordinary people.

Ordinary people look better in not so good lighting and full height. Waist and upwardI think “makeup” it’s going to be a skill we’ll have to master to some degree. I’m talking HDTV. Maybe there is something I’d don’t know that I can do in editing or something tomake the talent look better.

I was watching LeAnn Rhymes, and Joss Stone on HDTV. All those gorgeous young chicks and guys look great on HDTV. The old birds, especially men look lousy on HDTV.

I’m not very pleased with the results.

It takes twice as long to setup with cloth greenscreen with lighting, stands and adjusting everything just right. I definitely wanted it to work.

The problem appears to be placing the talent in front of the TV, far enough away to prevent glare on the screen while properlylighting the talent.

There is this old thing they call foreshorting. You know the old bit about pushing the biggest fish you caught arms length from you towards the camera.

The fish looks huge.

You get same effect when you move talent in front of TV at a distance needed to prevent glare on the TV, yet have good skin tones on your talent.

By the time you allow for the foreshorting you get a big head and neck. This is cases where you want toallow for TV screen to fill the entire background.

Back to square one. Maybe I’ll just retreat to Standard definition… LOL

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