I’ve some of those things


I’ve some of those things sitting around for a few years now. I bought them when I was in school for multimedia and used them to make "business cards" that had a small portfolio website on them. No videos because they are only 50mb in size (I think it had no videos?). Also, if you use Director you can set them up to open in the size/shape of a business card that displays your info and then click a button to go to a full size presentation! I wish I could show it to you all. It was rush job but I think I got the auto-start file on it (for PC’s).

I should still have it at home on a CD-ROM. If I still had a website I could post it so that you all could DL it and see it as an example. It’s kinda cheesy when I look at it now, but I passed! 😛

Oh! I got them from Micro Center here in Chicago. They still sell them.

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