I’ve shot several night cl


I’ve shot several night club gigs, including Gatemouth Brown. Capturing audio aboard the camera is always a nightmare. Assuming you were cleared to film the performance, you should have access to the sound engineer. My advice is to make nice with the sound person. Offering a couple of beers helps. See if s/he can record the audio directly from the soundboard to a media other than the camera. Then align audio and video in post production.

If need be, buy a decent digital audio recorder that will accept feed from a soundboard. there are a few that will do a decent enough job. (Research the Internet.) I know the expense of purchasing more equipment is painful, especially for someone just starting out, but capturing loud audio with a camera mic plain doesn’t work, as you have experienced.

Feeding directly from the nightclub soundboard to your camera not only limits camera movement, it won’t necessarily cure your ails. Keep in mind that the concert audio is mixed for the room – not the camera. But the audio on the cd you obtain from the sound tech (one last obligatory beer) can be manipulated in post.

Good luck.

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