I’ve seen something simila


I’ve seen something similar done for shooting football games. A wooden board, about 8 inches long, is used. It has a hole drilled through the center, and a hole drilled through near each end. The board is attached to the tripod somehow, using 1/4 -20 hardware. Then a camcorder is mounted near each end, using 1/4 – 20 bolts. The camera on the right stays wide, while the camera on the left is zoomed in on the player with the ball.

Now, the above setup works fine for football, where both cameras are panned to follow the action. But for a stage production you might want the wide camcorder to be stationary, on its own tripod. Then have the CU camcorder being panned around on its seperate tripod. I really think the 2-tripod approach is best for you.


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