I’ve seen some very odd co


I’ve seen some very odd concepts in keeping computer gear cool. One I’m aware of featured a mini dorm-style refrigerator that was converted into a computer tower! A metal frame was added to the interior of the working fridge, and the computer builder literally assembled a fully functional PC using this as his chassis. He engineered a unique panel that contained all the computer connections (USB, Firewire, Network, monitor, kb/mouse, etc) except for power, which he tapped into the mini-fridges power to obtain. It was actually quite innovative, though the cost involved, not just for the mini-fridge, but also the custom connection plate and the cost of running a fridge on top of your computer running costs, I don’t think it’s an idea I would entertain.

However, there are some serious advantages to this. For example, dust can’t collect on a computer in a sealed case. Plus, the refrigerator door still has the rack to store cold beverages. Now that would be nice! πŸ˜€

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