I’ve searched many posts,


I’ve searched many posts, but still need help: I have a GL2 which I’ve used fine with built-in mic for six months, but now I’m needing to do some outdoor interviews and find that the built-in mic ain’t cuttin’ it. So I bought a Samson UHF lav setup (UM1/UT1) and an MA-300, plugged everything in, and everything’s GREAT, except… as the Samson unit’s OUT is only coming into one channel of the MA-300, I’m only getting audio on one side.

Did I buy the wrong gear? Is there a way to make the stuff I bought work, i.e., get it onto both L&R channels? Obviously I guess I could get a splitter to just take the signal out of the Samson into BOTH channels of the MA-300. Is that a practical solution? I’m not worried about whether it’s stereo at this point, I just want a clean signal on both sides.

Or is there a way to do this inside the camera (apparently not, but I haven’t fiddled too much with audio).

OR… is it better to fix this in post? (I use FCE/HD, so I guess there’d be a way to do it there, or in Soundtrack or some other gizmo, but I’m not sure.)

Thanks for any help. My quick look-see tells me there’s a lot of experience ’round here…

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