I’ve purchased/used one of


I’ve purchased/used one of these before. I will say for $200 its pretty good. It can’t handle much of a beating though, we had one of the "spreaders" snap on us due to a baggage handler mishap. The great thing is, we sent it back and the company TOTALLY stood behind the thing and shipped us an entire new one. Very impressive. Its much better than the cheapies that you see on ebay "Professional, Heavy Duty, etc" tripods. It offers a claw ball and decent height and light weight. The head is ‘fine’ not ‘great’ and like the poster before said, its not a ‘pro’ tripod just a very good cheap tripod. If you’re a student or a serious amateur. Buy this OR consider the the Libec TH650. I bought one of these as a student 7 years ago and have BASHED the bejeezers out of it and its still working great. Lightweight but heavy duty with a claw ball. Head is ‘fine’ not great. But I’ve made thousands and thousands off this little $140 tripod.

Good luck in your search. I’ve found that the next best step up is the Bogen 3192 with 316 head (allows for full size video cam and teleprompter) and moves pretty good. Its around $1200.

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