I’ve produced 6 hockey hig


I’ve produced 6 hockey highlight videos to date, and am working on #7. However, all my past videos followed a common format and I’d like to "break the mold" by doing something a little more creative. This will be the 3rd video for the high school hockey team, which means they’ve already seen my work twice already. So, I’d like to do something different.

I keep the videos at 15-20 min and the format I’ve used thus far is as follows: Fast action intro, head coach interview, lockerroom, player int, defense coach int, defensive highlights, offense coach int, offense highlights, goalie coach int, goaltending highlights, hitting highlights, head coach wrapup, goal celebration highlights, credits.

It’s a format that works well. It’s fast – each highlight clip is 4-7 sec – and the supporting rock music helps with the excitement.

But, as I said… these kids have seen this format twice already. Since I’ve only seen 2 or 3 other highlight videos (none of which were comparable), I’m stuck in my current paradigm.

What other approaches might I take? We still have a few games left, so if I need to get some unique footage, I still have time.

I’m starving for input, so all suggestions are welcome. Thanks.

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