I’ve only used a jib arm o


I’ve only used a jib arm once, but I do agree that it can be used well. You bring up a good point about artistic license in regards to video, though. Sometimes, I guess people think they’re doing something that they think will look good, but it ends up being too much. There are a lot of cases of overdoing it in some productions.

Sometimes, the camera movement detracts from what’s happening on screen. But it doesn’t just happen with jibs, it also happens with zooms, whip pans, going in and out of focus, and many others. I understand that it’s all for effect, but sometimes people just take it too far, which is probably what happened in the interview. The director may have been "out of touch" or just overzealous. I believe they may have been trying to make the interview more dynamic, but good intentions don’t always work out.

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