I’ve not really understood


I’ve not really understood why Final Cut is popular either. I guess I’m sort of opposite of most people. I never have a problem with my PC (It never crashes or screws up), yet when I try to use a mac (some of my school’s labs are macs: the new ones that have all the upgrades too), I always have a lot of problems. For some reason macs always crash with me; I don’t know why… it could just be that I’m used to a different interface so I’m doing something wrong? Of course people that are more comfortable with a mac probably have as good success as I do with a PC.

Anywho, I’m not a big fan of Final Cut myself. I’ve tried it and it’s okay, but I think I like some of the other programs better. And to be completely honest, I don’t like that it’s only on one platform. With something like Avid or Adobe, I can work on it on a PC, transfer the project to a mac and continue working on it instead of being forced to only use macs (What if I only had access to the PC computer labs on campus?).

My guess of why it would be so popular is because of the reputation mac has gained in the editing world along with some funny (although usually untrue or largely exaggerated) commercials.

In any case, the big editing software will get the same job done no matter which program you use or what OS you run it on. I’m a fan of choosing the platform your most comfortable with (for me, PC) which is why I’ll stick to other editing programs.

PS: OSX is based on BSD, not Linux. BSD is similar to Linux, but there are some major differences.

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