I’ve never seen anything q


I’ve never seen anything quite like this before. The skew at the top of the picture looks like it might be a tracking problem. Since your source deck is a camera there’s probably nothing you can do to improve this, although you might clean the playback heads if you haven’t already.

The rainbow effect is colorful and weird!

Back in the 1980’s, when desk top computing was in its infancy, our lab (and others) developed a measurement of computing speed called the “Lude.” This was the number of Quaaludes a person would have to take to make a machine appear to be computing rapidly. Perhaps you could deliver this job accompanied by a bottle of Bourbon or Scotch, after consuming which the video would look as it should.

Or, barring that, try convincing the client that the rainbow effect was caused by light streaming through the stain glass windows of the church.

I know I’m making light of your problem but I really believe that a sense of humor regarding this project will be the only hope.

Edit: After considering the problem some more, I think a solution of sorts might be to offer to make some still captures from the tape. In your photo editor you could then do some excellent color correction, background removal/restoration, etc., and at least give the couple something to remember selected moments of the wedding.

Good luck.


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