I’ve had these things fly


I’ve had these things fly around in my drive. Not good. The little mini-dvd discs are ok but I agree, just use a full size disc. You will get more storage and people love to get a DVD free. Even if it is your ad.

Carry a few around in your car and give them out like business cards. Even a blank DVD with hand-writing on it will get results.

Here is a cool marketing idea. Make a 3 minute video about your business. This can be a testimonial, a talking head or a tutorial. Whatever. Then go online and download an old public domain movie Search public domain movies here. During the 3 minute ad promise the movie after the ad. Then tag the movie onto the end of the ad.

Yes people will watch the ad to get to the movie.

I did a couple of DVD’s on the subject of cryptozoology and I made a 2 minute commercial about them. I went online and found a old documentary on Bigfoot and tagged it at the end of the ad. People loved it and I even get asked if I still have a copy now and then. It worked for me and helped sell a few DVDs. The added value of the movie made the commercial better and since the movie was related to the subject of the ad, it was all good. The spot was just me talking about the DVDs.

People emailed me and asked for it! I mailed them out, gave them away and even had one man come by my house to get one. It was a good marketing idea that worked.

Try ideas like that and see if it works for you. πŸ™‚


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