I’ve had great succe


 I’ve had great success burning High-definition video onto regular DVD discs as well as double-layer DVD discs using Sony Vegas Pro, version 8 and 10. I burn my complete projects right from the timeline, simply select Tools>Burn Disc>Blu-Ray Disc. You can then choose either MainConcept MPEG 2 or Sony AVC MPG4 codec with bit rates ranging from 8 to 25 Mbps at 1440X1080 or 1920X1080.  I’ve been able to play these in stand alone Sony and Pioneer Blu-ray players as well as Sony Playstation.  The finished product looks the same as a disc burned with a Blu-ray burner, the only problem for some might be the content length.  Most of my projects are between 10 and 40 min., so I’ve not had an issue with running out of disc space.


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The best video editing software — 2021

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