I’ve had good success with


I’ve had good success with Panasonic’s HMC150. It uses SDHC cards, so you can get 90 minutes of full HD on a 16GB card, which are cheap as dirt these days. Plus, you can bring a laptop with you and dump all your footage in a matter of minutes – sure beats playing back tape into the computer!

I’ve found that the HMC150 is much better in low light than the XHA1, which is definitely something to consider, as most receptions are poorly lit.

If you’re actually considering spending about $8000 on the EX3, you could save money and get an HMC150 or other “real” video camera, and grab a DSLR like the Panasonic GH1 ($500) as a second camera for more coverage. I just started doing wedding cinema with this combo, and it’s very effective. You can set your real video camera in the back on a wide angle, and put all your audio connections into that, and use the DSLR for moving beauty shots.


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