I’ve had a somewhat simila


I’ve had a somewhat similar experience to birdcat’s, in that I feel confronted with roadblocks when I’m on a Mac. However, I’ve heard many Mac enthusiasts rave about their computers. I suspect a user develops an approach to computing based upon what computer they start with. I started with CP/M, and UNIX systems, so from my perspective a Mac seems a bit strange. But I’ve seen computer novices start with a Mac and be downright ecstatic. I guess you’ll like whatever you start with. X-D

BTW, I do like the many software choices available with Windows (ahhh… if only Linux had such choices. :'( )
Since I use Windows, I’m able to use Vegas 7, which is a real bargain! Also, for the same amout of computing power, I think you’ll find that Windows-based machines are more affordable. One final note: I’ve heard from a few knowledgeable sources that Macs are a bit more stable.

My 3 cents worth. πŸ™‚
Ken Hull

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